Friday, 22 May 2009

Tramps and champers

Had two great meetings today.
One was at Red River Cafe (mm) with a fitness instructor about making a proper trampoline video.
The other was at Jo's on South Congress with Mandy Lauderdale. We're planning a new music video for her single, "Champagne."

Of course, they were sandwiched by 
 - exporting video - HD takes forever to export!
 - uploading to YouTube
 - creating DVDs for two clients
 - continuing design of our new company website
 - learning more than I'd care to about RSS and pixels.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Fiore De Henriquez

I'm happy to say that the documentary about the sculptress Fiore De Henriquez is coming together nicely. The executors of her estate have been very kind and are helping every step of the way. We are heading out to Peralta in June to interview some people involved in her life and see the foundry where she worked.

From this footage, we shall cut together a promo piece to raise funds to make the full-length feature about this fascinating lady.


I've been slack in posting. Mainly because I've - thankfully - been silly busy...
Quick shopping list of video projects at the moment:

Edited more interviews with tenants saying how much they like it etc and putting together a marketing DVD and series of web videos for their soon-to-be re-vamped website

Directed a 4-camera HD shoot of a one-hour class with interviews with the stars of the show.
Edited with FCP's multi-cam feature.
Went to the Crossings spa/retreat and filmed some beautiful slow motion on the EX-1 for the Savasana section.
Prepping the DVD design
Getting a Spanish translation recorded and dubbed for Special Features.

Filming and editing marketing and promotional material for this, sadly, much-needed organisation.

- CulinART
Directed and edited a multi-camera shoot of a charity dinner & art event.
The charity was The Wright House - they help people living with HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Hepatitis C.

- Legal Seminar
Filming a chap give lawyers their 'furthering education' seminar .He used a lot of movie clips, including My Cousin Vinny, Forrest Gump (ugh) and A Few Good Men...

- Al Jazeera
Filmed a TV show for Al Jazeera's English station during South By South West.
There's a clip of one of the episodes here:

- South By South West
Coordinated the multi-cam shoot and stage screen for the outdoor stage at South By South West.
Headliners Explosions in the Sky were amazing!