Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ricky Martin's filming requirements

One from the archives....

In case anyone's interested, these were Ricky Martin's requirements for being interviewed on camera in London for VH-1 / MTV (from March 2001):
Subject:     Ricky Martin - Production Requirements.
Importance:     High

Dear All,
Here are the lighting requirements for Ricky Martin.

 For the best lighting, use 2 4 foot 4 bank Keno-flo lights (right
and left flank) with bastard amber gel - use tungsten bulbs.  If not bastard
amber then cosmetic peach or cosmetic chocolate.  Any one of those three gels
work for him. 
Use a 1 K arri light with steel blue gel or soft frost
Use a bounce card on the floor in front of him for his chin light
and bounce a 5K tungsten light.

Very important camera feature is called selective skin detailing -
please ensure that the camera has this - plus 1/4 black promost filtration.  Shoot
straight on - no angle left or right and the camera should be slightly above eye

 In a TV studio
Use all the lighting plus a 5 or 1O K tungsten light with the same
gel and a chimera over the light (over top of the camera).
The following is considered to be special effects lighting in
addition to standard tv lighting : -
>     24 - Studio colours
>     24 - par 64's on floor bases for up lighting of the set
>     12 - floor mount footlight units.

The dressing room should have a relaxed feel with candles
and dimmed lights plus a nice  sofa and chairs and , if possible ,some drapes
or a way to make it feel more 'homely'.
There should be still mineral water , apple juice , red bulls ,
fresh fruit , tea , coffee and some french bread and cheeses.

Please can you confirm to me that the above requests can be


The above requests were not confirmed.

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