Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Europe July 2010 - part one

From Heathrow, I flew down to Nice to pick up the hire car - more on that ridiculousness later.
The drive from Nice, along the south coast of France and down through northern Italy is, of course, quite beautiful. I was very tempted to stop off at one of the many golden sandy beaches I could see from the mountain road but knew I had to get to Peralta before sunset or I'd be very lost.

To get to Peralta (which is on no GPS system I've used yet), you have to get to a tiny village and then just know the way as the "sign posts" are little bits of wood shaped like an arrow and nailed to a wall or tree, randomly.

After a long day of travelling, I was very happy to arrive at Peralta and see Dinah and the dogs.

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