Monday, 23 February 2009

100,000 hits on You Tube!

Well, I'm not sure what this means, but a video I posted on You Tube has passed 101,000 hits.
It's a simple black and white music video for the Black Angels' first real unofficial 'single' - "Black Grease."

The Black Angels are a psych band from here in Austin and have been part of a large psych revival in the past few years. From playing to a few folks at Red's Scoot Inn and Beer Land, they very quickly started touring the U.S. and Europe regularly and now put on their own Psych Fest in town. 
I was lucky enough to work with the band in their young beginnings, doing their projection whenever I could around Texas and the rest of the U.S.. Essentially, we just turned off all the lights and projected onto the band and their instruments. I also filmed a lot of the shows from the mixing area:

This is Christian making the cardboard sleeves to their first EP - Sniper at the Gates of Dawn - during a band meeting in the garage;

The video was shot on a Fisher Price Pixel Cam which outputted to a portable miniDV recorder. I filmed them at practise for about half an hour and then in the studio for another half hour and cut together some footage for the song. The video even got into the Alamo Drafthouse's music video competition.

Here it is:

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