Monday, 9 February 2009

HeavyWeight Yoga

In my work producing videos, I am lucky enough to discover all sorts of people, places and things (to misquote SchoolHouse Rock).

I've travelled most of the world filming concerts, commercials, documentaries, movies, Page 3 girls, interviews with famous folk, friends' weddings and all sorts of TV shows.

At the moment, one of the projects that I'm working on is Abby Lentz's "HeavyWeight Yoga."

In a nutshell, it is yoga for large people. And it's quite amazing.

We've made a DVD of Abby showing folks how to do the regular yoga poses, but adapted for the, shall we say, fuller-figured person. The DVD is selling like hot cakes on a winter's day in Suffolk and she is getting very popular simply by offering a service that gives people hope and self-esteem.

One example is of a student who couldn't sit up or roll over in bed prior to the class. 
Now, she is able to - through this particular yoga.

Here's a quick promo video I made showing the magazines she's been in and the TV shows she has been on:

Anyways - we're planning on making the 2nd DVD sometime very soon...

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  1. Richard! A blog! What a lovely surprise. Can't wait til we can finally post a note about my FINISHED documentary. Will go raise funds right now.