Monday, 9 February 2009

First Out Of The Gate

The unleashing of this is thanks in part to Spike and Garreth.
I really don't know if it will be updated ever or if it will end up like Rimmer's diary in Red Dwarf - an entry for January the 1st and then nothing until the summer...

Since it was the Grammys AND the BAFTAs last night, I thought I'd post a video I DPed and edited for one of the bands who were nominated for a Grammy... Austin's own Grupo Fantasma.
This is their current single, "Gimme Some."

For the techy types, it was shot over two days on two Sony EX-1 HD cameras (straight to SxS!) and edited on Final Cut Pro on a Mac G5. The bloke on the banjo is known as Big Bald Mike - apparently he's also in the movie, "The Wrestler". The director is Aaron Brown.

Speaking of the BAFTAs, it was lovely to see Terry Gilliam be honoured as a fellow.

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